The best computer repair service in Gauteng.

Is your computer running slow? Or perhaps it’s not running at all? Just because your PC isn’t working the way it should, doesn’t mean you need to scrap it and buy a new one. The team of certified computer geeks at PC Laptops can diagnose and repair almost any issues with your PC, and it can save you hundreds of dollars over buying a new one.


We stock a wide variety of chargers and batteries and can supply parts for most laptops, upon request.

RATES: (all prices are VAT inclusive)

  • Standard service (open & clean all surfaces and re-apply heat paste) R480
  • New batteries from R750.00
  • Motherboard repairs & replacement from R950.00 (no repair = no charge)
  • Standard service (open & clean all surfaces and re-apply heat paste) R480.00
  • New batteries from R750.00
  • Keyboard replacement from R250.00
  • Motherboard repairs & replacement from R950.00 (no repair = R250.00)
  • Wide range of new and used laptop chargers from R300.00 

Software repair and installation:

  • Reload R280.00
  • Backup and reload R480.00
  • Outlook repair R280.00
  • Virus removal R450.00
  • Hard-drive cloning R450.00
  • Driver installation R250.00
Desktop Repairs
Laptop Repairs